Habit is essential to daily life. May be as fitness or breakfast . Breakfast is the starting food of every day. So it is called pre food of daily life . Another breakfast is evening, it is known as snacks. Snacks may be similar to breakfast. Moring food is two types one is early morning food and another is 8-9a.m . morning food. Moring food is after exercise . Some breakfast options are pretty much simple and easy. Easy steps to start breakfast - Type - 1 Egg paratha with sauce. It is very simple caty one egg and adds with slice onion, greens child, adds some masala for your necessary, then fries it. Take a tawa and add some oil. Make wheat flour dough and make the size as Partha type. Then add egg fry between the Partha . Now your egg paratha recipe is ready. Type-2 Egg bread recipe quick and simplest recipes. Start the smash the egg and add some masala, onion, green chilli and slice garlic . Then burn the flam and add a pan over it. Put into oil in it. Next poured
 Sleeping is necessary for every human being but oversleeping is right or wrong for the body? Some of the people of India Daily sleeping our is 10-12 hours per day. But the question is why are they sleeping many more in a day? Is it weakness of body? What is science talking about in this condition? Is it harmful to our body? But the main point heavy sleeping is not a disease. It's our daily habit. How to stop over seeping - Oversleeping causes disease, it also, enhance fat, unhealthy, weakness, distract the mind and many more. Procedure-1 Control your sleep time. Because sleep time is essential to reduce oversleeping. To main that the perfect sleeping time is 10 to 5 A. M. If you're eating 8 P. M, then your sleeping time is 10 P. M. The gap is eating and sleeping is 2 hours. Stop working mobile, laptop for a long time. It's bad habits. Next to alarm mobile, it helps to wake up early morning. Procedure - 2 Wrong sleeping another cause. Some people sleeping as be
  Exercise necessary for every physician or human beings, because exercise gives us power and protection of our body. Morning exercise, evening exercise, meditation, yoga are the different types of exercise. Doctors recommend that exercise is another part of human beings. Also exercise to control our disease or disorder of our body. It controls the blood pressure and sugar in our body. Meal for exercise - Some foods which are include must be before and after the exercise. A good meal is also called a low fat medium size Carbohydrate and maximize the amount of protein . Before exercise food Food - 1 Soak the chana before one night. After moring drin the water, add cucumber, some onion, black pepper, iodine salt, lemon juice add it properly and mix well. Eat less quantity before exercise. Food-2 Second before workout food. Oats with orange . Grind the orange and strain it. Then add some oats and mix it better. Then if your want sugar then you can add it. It is a superfood be
  Food and drinking water necessary product of human beings. It helps to start a growth body. As per science sleeping is must include in daily life. Some student avoids this type of routine. But they don't know what will they do?         During summer the food is not easily digested and it creates stomach problem. But nobody knows that some home steps helps to develop and solve digest problem. Steps to increase digestive system - As per the scien ce statement that they drink normal water and eat less food. If you're consuming 40% of foods then drink 60% of water. Step-1 When you start eating, chewing it very slowly. After eat, leave for 20 minutes, then drink normal water. If the body wants to sleep , then turn to sleep left side. That's why your food digest easily. Step-2 If you have constipation and acidity on your stomach, then take curry leave and add with small amount of cumin seed, then paste as mud type. Then eat with water, Do it three times per day
  Snacks, dinner, evenings and launch are the different names food time. Food and water are the life patterns of every common person. The different types of food are needed to our body laws as per healthy and weak body. There are many types person, who like sweets, butter, oily food. And some person likes to maintain a diet plan. They don't like sweet food, they are like vegetables and protein food. How to consume sweet - When we start sweet, the salivary gland wants to eat more sweet. What are the benefits? Type-1 Hit the pan over the flame and add some oil under the pan, when the oil starts heating put jaggery powder on it. Take another pan hit some oil and some wheat flour.       Then add a pinch of salt. When it changes the colour to brown , then add it to jaggery water. Let to start cook when it looks like Mud type. Now tour first recipe is ready to eat. This food is not so much tasty. But it controls and balances health. Type-2 This is looking like red and yellowish c
  Snacks are beneficial for health. it may be veg or non-veg snacks. Snacks may be oily or maybe junk or it may be vegetables.     Snacks are of two types. One is s the morning and another is evening snacks. Moring snacks much are healthier than evening snacks. Moring snacks contain fruits and milk , coffee and tea. Moring snacks also have fruit juice (take as without sugar). Why evening snacks so important than morning? There are different types of snacks in the evening times without non-veg foods. Evening snacks as no non-veg - The evening time is called 5 pm to 6 pm. But in this times the stomach filling hungry. Some people consume food like junk food and fast food. Snack-1 The first food and s is vegetarian cake . It easy to make, 8 minutes recipe, that is delicious, no egg. Carry a glass bowl, add oats powder , one cup wheat flour and add a pinch of cinnamon powder, sugar and salt to taste and (milk optional) Make as batter and keep aside as 5 minutes. Burn the fla
  In our daily life, some foods are must be necessary. These foods give us more energy and power and concentration to focus the anything. Without this food, we cannot stay at one moment at home.        These foods give us believes in our body. So this food essential to our life. Those food have more carbohydrate and portions. It can help to make a muscle of our body. These two foods are Indian elements foods. The two food name is rice and bread . its source and part of all day and night. Why it necessarily as diet-    The rice and bread is a daily life partner. But which should be better? Rice or Bread, which one of two foods enhance the power to our body. But how much consume as a diet? The nutrition sources of rice and bread are very high.     A bread has calories, carbohydrate, protein, also lot more vitamins . It also has fats under it. That's same as rice also have calories, fibre , protein, carbohydrate and vitamins. Bread has more power as compared to rice. Because all
 Vitamin is the essential product of our body. the vitamin helps to increase our healthy growth and healthy development . so vitamin is the necessary part of every organism of our body that is too so hair to toe of legs. Vegetable food is much more vitamins than non-veg food.       Non-veg food is only proteins whereas veg foods have lot more vitamins as compared to non-veg foods. Now let me know about vitamin - D. How to gain more vitamins - D? Source elements of vitamin D ?      Sun is the first and least energy of all product. The organism does not survive without energy. Somebody symptoms you realize that your body has a deficiency of vitamin D.       Somebody problem back pain, depression, hair fall, bone weak, weak immune system. Don't consume pills of vitamin - D, It has much more side effects.      Morning sunlight has the power to enhance brain power, glowing skin. Your body feels more energetic. Cure disease vitamin-D        The sunlight as a source of the vitamin - D
  Restaurant-style food is very delicious as compared to Hotel foods. Also , restaurants style vegetable foods are more delicious than homemade food. Vegetable foods more healthy food, than other non-veg foods. In Indian culture there are many vegetable foods are made in some good festivals. During the winter season , the vegetable foods are more delicious and it is easy to eat, also hot foods. Restaurants style veg foods-     Some of the vegetable foods in restaurant styles these foods are paneer tika, moms, pizza, etc. Step-1   When we start making moms , we need some ingredients wheat flour, oil, salt and water. Carry a Tawa Putin 20 gm oil, then mic with ginger, salt, pepper powder, carrot, cabbage, salt is lastly. Fry until 3 minutes. Take wheat flour dough, then fill with fry, then hit it 15 minutes, then your homemade moms ready. This mom healthy, because no oil, no maida, and freshly made. Step-2     The second recipe is Green curry. Take a pan hit under flam. Then
    To live altogether with family is the Actual statement of your life. Don't search for happiness anywhere. Some people they have no job he or she can sad .         Some people have no wife or husband he or they can be sad. In the end, he or she can think, is there anyway, how to remove it. Some people got depression . Without happiness the life is meaningless. To remove depression , tension, sadness there is some common way to remove it. Facts about depression -      As per science and technology, if depression enters our body, it is not easy to remove it and it takes one to three weeks. The home remedy for depression is to calm and discipline and think that other.         To cure it first is to decide. Decide what is your sadness point. Our body made up of air, earth, water and fire. But we do not move our eyes to the following point.       In the experiment, there is 25% male death per year, whereas 37% female death per year for depression. Water for the body- Water
  Routine and time table is the way of a healthy human being. That's time table guides us success life. We have to start personal care and routine for an everyday diet plan .          The diet is the essential life partner of every men or woman . Without diet the life is meaningless. Planing diet plan creates a successful life. Overeating or an uncontrolled diet plan is a very dangerous line for a physician. Tips to do it for one month- Wake up early daily in the morning and clean your teeth. Then drink one glass of water and take a deep breath. Step-1     Take care steel pot and add some 100 gram of coconut oil or mustard oil into the pot and warm it gently. After the warm it, then the massages your hand, leg, neck and head muscles. Message your body clockwise and anti-clockwise slowly.               Message your belly and stomach in the same way. So belly centre is the focal point of all the nervous systems in your body. Don't forget the message belly centre
 The food product is a necessary thing for a young generation. If you neglect it can affect the whole body system. Food is the product that enhances energy in your body.         Food has more power to be a superman or woman. But all the foods do not increase our power. But there is some common food that grows our, except oily food, junk food etc .         There is some food is very less price, available in the local market. This food very effect, increase immunity, reduce hair loss and increase digestive system also. Foods are local market - Jackfruit -      This food looks like goat intestines. This food can immunity power and increases fertility booster. Jackfruit curry is very tasty and healthy. It looks like and tests as it mutton curry. Jack fruit is easy to make pure veg biryani. Jackfruit is also a mussels booster.           Jackfruit control bacterial and kill all the cancer cell. It is high in antioxidants , increase iron but also hair tonic. You can also recipe as Ja